Here are some news articles and tweets I have been reading the last week. I hope you find some relevant stories! If not, send me your links and ideas.

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How to Leverage Micro VC Funds to Build an Angel Portfolio — This is going to be BIG

Fund investing, like adulting, is boring. That’s the first thing anyone trying to raise a fund needs to understand, as well as anyone thinking about investing in one. …

On this very morning, you are all set to decide how the day will play out.

You can feel sorry for yourselves, regret yesterday’s mistakes, or maybe define yourself as a victim of this global epidemic or you lift yourself to take another approach with a simple morning ritual;

  • List up at least ten things you are grateful for in life
  • Don’t rush to read the news, but use 10 minutes meditating or praying
  • Take a 30-minute fast walk or run. If you are in quarantine at home, find other ways to make your heart pump
  • Take your vitamins and…

Here are some of the news articles and tweets I have been reading this week — I hope you find some relevant stories and sign up for Techstars Startup Digest Angel Investor — The state of the art on startup investing.

Stay in the loop, and get daily news and angel investor stories at @entrahouse.

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The Slack Public Listing’s Surprise Winners: Other Startup
Slack is the latest in a string of tech unicorns to enrich a select group of founders who personally invested and stand to make millions

Do you see any win-win opportunities based on my profile?

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Let me take a minute to give you a short introduction to what I do;

My LinkedIn profile sums it all up; I have more than 30 years of experience with funding, coaching, and growing companies and great ideas to the next level. Have an extended global network of people in both the seed funding and…

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Ari Levy — CNBC

- How Uber’s top investor suffered through the wildest tech drama of the year.

Kyle Grillot —

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Shweta Modgil — Inc42

- The year-long search for India’s Most Innovative Top 50 Emerging Software Product Companies culminated with the announcement of Nasscom Emerge 50 Awards 2017 yesterday.

John Kennedy —

- Wicklow native Claire Lee is one of the most influential Irish people in the Silicon Valley investment scene. She tells John Kennedy how investing in people, not strictly in product, is an enduring trend in San Francisco.

- The value of venture…

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Jeremy Brown —

- In this era of startups and new businesses popping up almost daily, there’s never been a better time to learn the language of venture capital.

Shiwen Yap —

- Shao-Ning Leigh Huang, a veteran of the Singapore venture ecosystem and co-founder of JobsCentral Group, has seen the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region become more vibrant and innovative.

Larry Kim —

- How…

Amazon’s chief Jeff Bezos. Picture: Amazon Inc. edited by Berg Moe.

It has been a fascinating week for Amazon and I have to say I admire this company and management. There is also a frustration related to the fact that I think it will take a while until we will see this company rolling out in Norway. That’s why I decided to collect some of latest news just so give a sense of all the stuff that are boiling right now.

Jeff Bezos Is the Richest Person Alive! No, Wait, He’s Not. Well, He Will Be, Anyway

Wall Street giveth and Wall Street taketh, but Amazon’s founder is playing the long…

Picture: Berg Moe.

I love Estonia. Having been there 27 times since 2003, I could sing the little nation’s praises for days. Below are a few of my experiences, and some fantastic reasons why you too should take a trip to Tallinn and explore what Estonia has to offer the world.

Last summer over 1000 foreign guests and I arrived in Tallinn for the Estonian ICT Week (27 May -3 June) with “Latitude59”, “Industry 4.0 in Practice” conference and “Green IT” seminar and several other great events.

The ICT sector has been one of the most important industries in Estonia. Beginning with governmental…

Adobe Stock — Licensed by

Sometimes I just get fed up writing and would rather have been miles away from a computer on a snowy mountain top with no Internet access.

But when you have two personal blogs, writing 20–100 business email a day, curating two weekly newsletters, writing trade proposals and producing text for three websites launching the next weeks, there are no escape routes. I just have to stick with it, and to throw my computer out the window just feel like a bad idea. I have just bought it.

The good thing is that I love to write. I even like writing…

Berg Moe

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