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How to Leverage Micro VC Funds to Build an Angel Portfolio — This is going to be BIG

Fund investing, like adulting, is boring. That’s the first thing anyone trying to raise a fund needs to understand, as well as anyone thinking about investing in one. The partner at the fund, the VC, gets to do the fun part — the meeting with founders, vetting deals, negotiating, helping, etc.


Five Reasons Startup Boards Fail To Add Value

Done right, a start-up board should help with decision-making, hands-on business development, and act as a driver for growth. Yet, there are a number of common mistakes that founders and directors make, which mean that boards often fail to add the value that they’re capable of.


7 surprising ways startups can take advantage of a city’s resources

Any city that calls itself a “startup city” should provide a range of resources for startups to utilize. In metropolises around the world, local ecosystems are dedicating their resources to helping new businesses thrive, from small businesses to scale ups.


Deal of the week; 24SevenOffice

24SevenOffice issues a 30+30 MUSD bond — 24SevenOffice US

24SevenOffice has today resolved to propose that an extra general meeting resolves to issue convertibles of around 30 MUSD directed to Lugard Road Capital (“Lugard”).


Carousell CEO Latest To Join The List Of S’pore Startup Founders Who Turned Angel Investors

Quek had previously cashed out around US$465,000 from Carousell and could have used the money to invest in Intellect.


Black women don’t get much startup business funding. These founders are trying to change that — CNN

The number of Black women who have raised over $1 million in funding has more than doubled since 2018, according to ProjectDiane — an impressive upswing that could signal a shift in a startup landscape dominated by White men.


Founder Market Fit & what it means for early stage planning | Angel Investment Network Blog

In his second guest post for Angel Investment Network, Dan Simmons, CEO of Propelia, explains ‘How understanding the shift from Product Market Fit to Founder Market Fit in the pre-seed space can now help influence your early stage thinking and planning’:


This week’s tweets

Berlin’s Wonder raises $11M for a new approach to video chat where you wander and join groups https://t.co/O9dm9taqBU #AngelInvestor#Entrepreneur #VentureCapital #entrepreneurslife

Join me today at noon on nationally syndicated @LeslieMarshall show talking about empowering and funding women and how that will save the planet! #fundwomen #Lesliemarshallshow #sheangels #AngelInvestor#femalefounders, https://t.co/UX9GcFWigG

@SamsungNEXT has partnered with Techstars to grow its Diverse Founders Initiative. Learn more about why we’re both investing in underrepresented entrepreneurs in this interview with @BrandonDHoffman, Investor & Innovation Research Lead at Samsung Next. https://t.co/14FGzRusZ

Milestone; Love in the age of Corona

I am getting married in January, but there will not be a proper party before next summer because of the current Covid-19 situation in Europe. Are you ready to come to Serbia, Belgrade and Novi Sad? You can check out the startup scene at the same time :)

Me and Brana in Bergen, Norway in September, 2020. Foto: Private

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