Please release me from my writer’s block

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Sometimes I just get fed up writing and would rather have been miles away from a computer on a snowy mountain top with no Internet access.

But when you have two personal blogs, writing 20–100 business email a day, curating two weekly newsletters, writing trade proposals and producing text for three websites launching the next weeks, there are no escape routes. I just have to stick with it, and to throw my computer out the window just feel like a bad idea. I have just bought it.

The good thing is that I love to write. I even like writing better that reading, and “oops” there we have another problem. So to try to get out of this messed up position, I decided to enroll in an MOOC course in “Academic and Business Writing” at edX. I had a weak hope that to be forced to write something different would give me some inspiration. And did it work?

Too early to say, but I am writing this, so that’s a good start, I suppose. I want to develop “a clear voice” to be heard on my blogs and to develop my English writing skills, especially concerning vocabulary, tone, and diction.

Stories at, Entrepreneur by heart, Angel Investor Facilitator, TEDx speaker and community leader at Gründerklubben and Bangkok Entrepreneurs

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