Shaping the future of healthcare through personalised microbiome analysis

Bio-me is applying the latest technology and information about the human gut microbiome to develop new tools for analyzing the composition of the gut microbiome in a reproducible, high throughput and affordable way. Have a look at their investor deck for the video more information.

Bio-me is a Norwegian-based biotech company with 20 years of research on best ways to detect various bacteria in communities, our objective is to lead medecine to novel, patented technologies and new approaches in bacterial analysis. ​Our technology has led to better understanding of the bacteria that live in the large intestine, and how they contribute to health and well-being. ​

The human gut microbiome consists of all the genetic material of microorganisms that live in the large and small intestine. There are 10-times more bacteria in and on our body than human cells. ​Most of these bacteria are beneficial, and contribute to and maintain health. Although it has not been established that certain bacteria directly influence health, certain bacteria and combinations of bacteria are associated with different diseases. Such Gut Related Disease (GRD) include Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Diabetes type II, Obesity, Autism and Colon cancer, among others.

Based on this information, the objective of the company is to make the result of this research within easy reach of the general population, as well as to scientists and medical professionals, to save lifes.

By doing this, I think they will contribute significantly to better understanding the effect of the gut bacteria on health, and provide better ways to diagnose, decide optimal treatment and monitor the effect of treatment.

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