Startup Digest — Angel Investor — December 15th

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Ari Levy — CNBC

- How Uber’s top investor suffered through the wildest tech drama of the year.

Kyle Grillot —

- FCC voted Thursday to dismantle its net neutrality regulations. But that won’t end the fight over rules that prohibit internet service providers from creating fast lanes for some content, while blocking or throttling others.

Larry Kim —

- His inbound marketing and sales software company has raised more than $100 million in funding, gone public, and brought in $82.3 million in total revenue in Q1 of this year.

Jonathan Shieber —

- In 2016, Niklas Adalberth stepped away from day-to-day operations at the financial services startup Klarna, the billion-dollar company he helped create, to begin working on a new kind of impact investment fund.

David Brown —

- Together with Rakuten, a global leader in internet services, Techstars will work with early-stage entrepreneurs who are advancing social messaging technologies, with a focus on the Viber application.

John Kennedy —

- This is the biggest Series A financing round for a logistics start-up in Europe to date.

Stephen Timm —

  • Tech startups that focus on solving problems using data analysis top Ventureburn’s list for the 12 South African tech firms to watch in 2018 — be they transport, agriculture, transport, or finance.

Startup Digest Angel Investor is curated by Berg Moe, Partner & CEO at EntraHouse, a boutique consulting firm specializing in growth facilitation, digital turnaround and market entry for startups and SME’s across the Nordics.

Berg Moe; Partner & CEO at EntraHouse, Serial Entrepreneur, Business Angel Facilitator, and TEDx speaker. Owner & manager at Gründerklubben (The Entrepreneurs Club — the largest entrepreneurs network in Norway), GEN member (Global Entrepreneur Network) and GEW Oslo organizer (Global Entrepreneurship Week).

I have more than 30 years of experience with funding, coaching and growing companies and great ideas to the next level. Have an extensive global network of people in both the seed funding and venture capital world.

I consider myself as an entrepreneur by heart and is always looking for win-win scenarios. Currently, I have invested in a few startups and are now engaged taking them to the next level.

Stories at, Entrepreneur by heart, Angel Investor Facilitator, TEDx speaker and community leader at Gründerklubben and Bangkok Entrepreneurs

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