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Jeremy Brown —

- In this era of startups and new businesses popping up almost daily, there’s never been a better time to learn the language of venture capital.

Shiwen Yap —

- Shao-Ning Leigh Huang, a veteran of the Singapore venture ecosystem and co-founder of JobsCentral Group, has seen the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region become more vibrant and innovative.

Larry Kim —

- How much do you know about the successful entrepreneur, angel investor, and author Brian Halligan?

Katheline Jean-Pierre Coleman —

- Alternatives to Silicon Valley’s male-dominated VC firms.

Mary Ann Azevedo — VentureBeat

- Entrepreneurs and investors often lament the lack of diversity in tech in Texas. But a few organizations, and people, are going beyond just talk and are actively working to better even the playing field for underrepresented entrepreneurs.

Mike Butcher — TechCrunch

- SF-based Grabr grabs $2.7M to scale its traveler-driven shopping community.

Roderick Abad —

- ANGEL investment hub “Mr. Group of Companies” (MGC) said the five startups from Metro Manila it has been incubating since last year are on track to become medium enterprises by 2019.

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